Tailored solutions for startups, specialty pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Our Expertise

Successfully commercializing products in the pharma and biotech space

We have the capacity to handle full commercial needs to include sales, marketing, market access and trade/distribution with a specialty focus on creating and managing experienced, agile sales teams that will drive revenue of key product(s). Whether you are a startup or an existing organization looking to grow, we have the right resources and skills to take your product(s) to the next level.

Full Commercial

We are interested in bringing products to market that serve an unmet or underserved medical need. With our General Manager's history of successful commercial ventures, as well as our significant network of employees, partners and consultants to handle all commercial needs, we can take the right product to new heights.

Contract Sales

We specialize in vaccine and prescription pharmaceutical contract sales. Our relationships are tailored to serve startup, specialty pharma and biotech companies that require individualized attention. With over three decades of experience building some of the most effective sales teams in the pharmaceutical/biotech space, we can take your company to the next level.

An Effective, Efficient, Experienced Partner

Why Work With Us

We have experience building some of the pioneering sales teams in Fortune 500 companies as well as turning small startups into financial success. We specialize in helping early stage pharmaceutical and biotech companies gain market share with an outsourced sales model that mitigates your risk but improves your bottom line.

  • EffectivenessWe bring a track record of excellence combined with tailored solutions to meet your company‚Äôs individual needs
  • EfficiencyWe utilize data analytics and technology to help reduce your fixed costs, while increasing your sales marketing efforts
  • ExperienceWe have built successful sales teams ranging from Fortune 500 companies to private startups

Companies We've Worked With

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Kevin Combs, Managing Partner

Pharma Industry Veteran with 28 years experience building successful commercial operations

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